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A Place of Worship

Ein Ort der Anbetung

A Pentecostal Christian Free Church where Jesus is at the center and the Holy Spirit is in charge.

Be part of it and experience the power of God: captives are set free, the sick are healed, the blind can see and the lame can walk!

Ein Ort der Anbetung

Prayer Evening

Every Tuesday at 7 pm

Ein Ort der Anbetung

Bible Teaching

Every Thursday at 7 pm

Ein Ort der Anbetung

Church Service

Every Sunday at 9:30 a.m.

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our Mission

We are a church that believes in Jesus Christ as Savior and Redeemer of the world. We want to grow together in faith, worship in spirit and truth, and live by His power! Jesus Christ promised to rebuild His church:

“I will return and rebuild the ruined tabernacle of David; its ruins I will rebuild and raise it up again.”
from Acts 15:16

This was spoken prophetically through the prophet Amos concerning the church of Jesus. King David had prepared a special place for the Ark of the Covenant. Unlike the Tent of Meeting from Moses, there was no separation between different groups there, for God alone seeks those who worship Him in spirit and truth. Moreover, thanksgiving and praise resounded around the clock; the whole of life consisted of worship. Perfect devotion was the only requirement, the Holy Spirit took care of the rest. We want to take hold of this promise and also encourage and support other churches in this.

the Foundations of Faith

Jesus Christ

The Lord Jesus is the eternal Son of God. He was born of a virgin and never sinned. He died as a substitute for the sins of mankind, was buried, and after three days rose physically from the grave. He ascended and is now seated at the right hand of the Father. From there he will visibly return.

There is only one God - one in essence, but existing in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. God is spirit and therefore infinite, eternal, unchangeable and surpasses the human mind.

The Bible

Every word in the Bible is directly inspired by God, has unlimited authority and is without error. Numerous manuscripts prove the absolutely precise and error-free transmission of the Bible up to the present day.

Therefore, we have unreserved trust in the Bible and are convinced that it offers answers for every person and in every situation of life.

The Salvation

Salvation is only through the Lord Jesus Christ and because of His finished work of redemption on the cross of Calvary. It is by pure grace through faith in Jesus Christ that we are saved, not by good works. Real salvation, however, always manifests itself in good works.

Salvation is obtained by all those who hear the gospel, repent and turn from their sins, and trust in Jesus Christ alone as their Lord and Savior.

The Church

The church is the gathering of all those who have become believers in and serve Jesus Christ.

As a local church, we come together often for prayer, hearing the Word, fellowship, and the Lord's Supper. We seek to worship God together, to grow and walk in the Spirit.

The church is commissioned to be a light in this dark world and to point to Jesus Christ. For this purpose, the church has received the gifts of the Spirit, which include speaking in other languages and miraculous healings.

Gifts and Ministries

The Bible speaks of nine gifts of the Holy Spirit that every believer can receive. Often this happens through the baptism of the Spirit.

Baptism in the Spirit is a separate event from conversion. At his conversion, the believer receives the Holy Spirit; at the baptism in the Spirit, the power of the Spirit is released and the already converted person is prepared for ministry.

The Bible speaks of five ministries: apostles, prophets, teachers, evangelists and pastors. Men and women of God are entrusted with these ministries by the Lord Jesus until today.

Healing and Deliverance

Jesus Christ has given the church the commission and authority to heal the sick and free Christians imprisoned by demons. The latter is about erasing entitlements from the past, breaking every foreign yoke, and driving out the enemy.

As with Jesus' ministry, healing and deliverance often go hand in hand.

Renovation 2019

Israel 2018

Meet the Team

Parfait Mangock
Pastor and Prophet
Ein Ort der Anbetung

Gabriel Nachtnebel

Ein Ort der Anbetung

Tobias Auer

Daniel Lutz

Ein Ort der Anbetung

Birgit Nachtnebel

Chioma Auer

Ein Ort der Anbetung

Nina Nachtnebel

Gutenbergstraße 39
68167 Mannheim

+49 179 66 38 025